Promoting Healthy Sexual Development

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Please watch this page, as new content is being added all the time. We look forward to offering videos in this space about healthy sexuality topics such as healthy sexuality development, consent, toxic masculinity, and more, from experts around the United States like Cordelia Anderson, Jane Fleischman, Becky Palmer, and more.

Resources About Promoting Healthy Sexual Development: 

Books About Children and Adolescents’ Sexual Health and Bodies

 Brown, Steve and Bill Taverner. (2017). Streetwise to Sexwise: Sexuality Education for High-Risk Youth.

Foshee, Vangie and Stacey Langwick. (2010). Safe Dates: An Adolescent Dating Abuse Prevention Curriculum.

Harris, Robie H. and Michael Emberley. (2014). It’s Perfectly Normal: Changing Bodies, Growing Up, Sex, and Sexual Health.

Flood, M. (2018). Engaging Men and Boys in Violence Prevention. New York: Palgrave Macmillan.

Rosenzweig, Janet. (2012). The Sex-Wise Parent: A Parent’s Guide to Protecting Your Child, Strengthening Your Family and Talking to Kids About Sex, Abuse and Bullying.

More Resources About Promoting Healthy Sexual Development:


Amaze (for teens): Healthy sexuality information including puberty, gender identity, sexual orientation, depression and anxiety. Many short animated videos. (EXCELLENT RESOURCE!)

Confi (for teens): Healthy relationships, learning to communicate about sex, consent, setting boundaries, and more.

Love Is Respect (for teens): Videos, quizzes, blogs and fact sheets for teens about dating violence, healthy relationships, and consent.

Relation-Shift: Resources for schools and communities about preventing sexual violence and promoting healthy relationships, including assessments, training, workshops and action planning for youth, parents, teachers and administration.

Rights, Respect, Responsibility.: Extensive, free curriculum around relationship, dating, identity, healthy sexuality and preventing dating and sexual violence. Many different ages-appropriate and lessons in Spanish. (EXCELLENT RESOURCE!)

Scarleteen (for teens): Very broad and deep website addressing teen concerns around dating, sexuality, health, gender identity, parenting and more. (EXCELLENT RESOURCE!)

NEARI Press Webinars

Leading Sexuality Education Groups with Sexually Abusive Youth” with Steve Brown. May 2017.

Promoting Sex-Wise Parenting: Supporting Parents to Promote Sexual Health and Safety” with Janet Rosenzweig. February 2016.