What’s Wrong With This Picture: The Impact of Viewing Pornography


Rus Ervin Funk

Without realizing it, men who view pornography tend to internalize the messages and norms that pornography reinforces. This internalization influences how men view women and masculinity and how they engage in and experience sex. It also affects men’s response to individuals who disclose that they’ve been raped, the degree and intensity of men’s support for rape myths, and their willingness to engage as activists against rape and rape culture.

This finely-crafted volume, What’s Wrong with This Picture: The Impact of Viewing Pornography, is a curriculum for men that facilitates an eight-session program designed to encourage them to critically explore the impact of viewing of pornography, and deepen their empathy and compassion for women’s experience of pornography.


Some of the content covered includes:

  • How viewing pornography tends to affect how men look at the women in their classrooms, homes, offices, neighborhoods, & places of worship;
  • The influence of pornography on how men flirt, date, and negotiate sexual behavior;
  • The impact of viewing pornography on men’s attitudes regarding rape, sexual assault, dating violence, and their willingness to interrupt abusive, harassing or hurtful behavior by other men; and
  • Ways men can act to challenge pornography and rape culture.


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Rus Ervin Funk



Editorial Reviews

"The information, opportunities for dialogue, and tips for reflection in 
Rus Funk’s curriculum develop for participants a deeper understanding of the impact of pornography not only on their own lives, but also on others.
 The curriculum moves participants from insight to the development of skills so they can take effective action. With this book, Rus engages men in a meaningful and compassionate way. This is an exciting new resource. "

— Cordelia Anderson, MA. 
Author of Impact of Pornography on Children, Youth and Culture, 
published by NEARI Press, 2nd Edition 2017 

"I welcome this curriculum. Rus Funk’s groundbreaking work is a valuable roadmap for all of us working to end commercial sexual exploitation and gender-based violence."

— Peter Qualliotine, Director of Men’s Accountability, Organization for Prostitution Survivors

"Rus Funk has created a stunningly effective approach to reaching men about the impact that pornography has on the lives of women — and of men. What's Wrong With This Picture teaches us how to engage men of all ages in a process of serious reflection and reevaluation, while also steering us away from becoming preachy or shaming. The curriculum is highly detailed, guiding any group leader in how to introduce each topic and create a group process that facilitates growth. The materials you need for group exercises and for handouts are all right there. If you have ever wondered how to get men to think critically about this super-sensitive issue, Rus Funk has just handed you your answer."

— Lundy Bancroft, Author of Why Does He Do That: Inside the Minds of Angry and Controlling Men


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