Very Different Voices: Perspectives and Case Studies in Treating Sexual Aggression


David S. Prescott, LCSW and Robin J. Wilson, Ph.D.

The referral that just crossed your desk has left you scratching your head. You’ve never seen a client with these issues before and, frankly, it’s unclear where to start. This new book brings insights from many internationally known experts, sharing what works and what doesn’t with a wide range of clients experiencing sexual behavior problems and related clinical conundrums. Beyond the research studies readily available in the scholarly literature, this book offers practical models for clinicians working at the individual level, and illustrates many of the challenges that clients and therapists alike can face.

The foundations of this book are: first, the research that shows the importance of the clinician in effective treatment and second, the importance of case conceptualization as a learning tool for our field. Topics covered range from risk-need-responsivity to strength-based approaches and beyond, including topics that challenge all of us in the field of sexual violence prevention. After reading insights from internationally recognized experts like Joann Schladale, Robert Longo, Thomas Graves, Kevin Powell, Patrick Liddle, Gwen Willis, Phil Rich and many others, that difficult referral may become that perfect challenge to your skills and insights as a cutting edge clinician.

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"In this book, Prescott and Wilson address the complexities of individualized case formulation in a straight forward and easily comprehensible manner." –Chris Lobanov-Rostovsky,Program Manager, Colorado Sex Offender Management Board


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