The T.O.P.* Workbook for Taming Violence and Sexual Aggression


Joann Schladale, M.S., L.M.F.T.

The T.O.P. (Trauma Outcome Process) Workbook for Taming Violence and Sexual Aggression is an easy to read workbook for youth who have exhibited violent and/or sexually aggressive behavior. It addresses challenges children and adolescents face in making decisions about getting into trouble versus staying out of trouble.

The narrative approach utilizes a life course perspective based upon theories of human and family ecology. The premise of the workbook is to support youth in developing an awareness of how they came to commit acts of violence and sexual aggression and how they can choose to tame such behavior.

The workbook has been effectively used with a variety of youth populations including those with developmental disabilities, and is intended for use in both community-based and residential treatment settings.

The Facilitator’s Manual for this workbook is available for FREE. Please click on the “sample download” link to access and download it.

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Editorial Reviews

"While this workbook includes the discussions of abuse, power, secrecy, anger, and other elements that one would expect, Schladale emphasizes the strength and courage it takes for a youth to become the person they want to be.”
— David Prescott


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