Streetwise to Sexwise: Sexuality Education for High-Risk Youth (3rd Ed.)


Steve Brown, Psy.D.

Streetwise to Sex-Wise provides an easy-to-use yet comprehensive model for a basic series on human sexuality for high-risk teens. It applies a “state-of-the-art” methodology of sexuality education to teens in nontraditional settings who often have limited academic skills and are resistant to classroom-based learning.

Streetwise is a comprehensive sexuality education curriculum covering a wide range of topics relevant to teens ages 13-19. The Third Edition has added new lessons on consent, sex and the internet, and pornography. All are simple, concrete and actively involve group members in the learning process. They extend beyond mere factual information and address attitudes, values, and skills, an approach that experts find is more likely to lead to positive behavior change in young people.

In addition, Streetwise to Sex-Wise provides background information on teaching education to high-risk teens, including profiles of the sexual-health concerns of five specific high-risk populations.

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Editorial Reviews

“As a teacher in a juvenile detention center, I have met many adolescents who have participated in high-risk sexual experiences. Some are parents; some struggle with sexual identity or are sexual predators; many have been sexually exploited and abused. I’ve listened to their stories and wondered what I could do to help them make a change with sexual responsibility and respect, communication, and preventing risky sexual behaviors. But I struggled with finding a resource to address the various needs of these high-risk youth.

“Streetwise to Sexwise fills a great need as a comprehensive guide to sexuality education for high-risk youth. This updated edition expands who is included and provides up-to-date statistics and thorough lesson plans. Author Steve Brown and Editor Karen Rayne have created a unique sexuality education resource for high-risk youth and the adults in their lives — easy for educators to utilize and easy for youth to participate in learning. Thank you for this wonderful, comprehensive, and updated edition. Streetwise will be the go-to sexuality education resource in my classroom.”

Shanna M. Dusablon Drone, MSW, MAEd, MAEd, MEd

“In the world of treatment for youth who sexually abuse, Streetwise to Sexwise is THE go-to curriculum for teaching sex ed. From its concept to its layout, it’s the best resource out there, and many others have tried. It’s not just a catchy title, every aspect of this book is streetwise and sexwise.”

David S. Prescott, LICSW
Past president, Association for the Treatment of Sexual Abusers

“Streetwise to Sexwise is the ultimate go-to publication for those working with young people at-risk around particular issues of sexuality and gender. It’s an outstanding resource for all educators looking for comprehensive content and curriculum ideas, enriched learning activities, and effective teaching skills around the most sensitive of topics.”

Deborah Roffman, MS, CSE, CFLE
Teacher and author, Sex and Sensibility

“I am thrilled to see a program that includes such extensive guidance for facilitators helping their groups explore these often-challenging topics. It’s especially helpful to see such specific guidance around how to address topics frequently left out of other programs, like sexual orientation, gender identity, consent to sexual activity, child sexual abuse, and pornography. The lessons themselves are structured around real-world scenarios and examples designed to meet youth where they are and engage them in critical thinking.”

Valerie Sedivy, PhD
Healthy Teen Network

“The first edition of Streetwise to Sexwise was my most valuable resource when I was a young sexuality educator working for a substance abuse recovery organization. Its lessons were always engaging — much more than any other I encountered — and reading its profile sections was like taking an advanced course on the unique sexual health learning needs of my high-risk audiences. The new edition improves substantially on an already excellent resource, and provides alternative schools, group homes, juvenile detention facilities, residential treatment programs, substance abuse programs, and all other organizations serving high-risk youth with everything necessary to prepare their staff and participants for some much-needed sex ed.”

Bill Taverner, MA, CSE
Executive director, The Center for Sex Education

“Hurray for the latest edition of Streetwise to Sexwise! It is truly trauma-informed sexuality education for youth who are, all too often, the least likely to receive sex ed. The manual provides helpful background information, staff training activities, and a nice collection of educational activities for high-risk youth on very relevant topics including healthy relationships, sexual abuse, commercial sexual exploitation and pornography. I’m very impressed with the focus throughout the manual on helping youth understand their feelings and reactions (often resulting from trauma experiences) and work on managing those feelings as they explore difficult topics.”

Pamela M. Wilson, MSW
Co-author, Making Proud Choices! An Adaptation for Youth in Out-of-Home Care


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