Promoting Healthy Childhood Development Today: A Guide for Parents and Professionals


James R. Harris Jr., Ph.D.

This text combines accepted child-rearing techniques and theory with contemporary approaches in caring for children. The guide promotes positive childhood development and offers support for the adult caregiver, whether parent, foster parent, or residential facility staff. Harris recognizes the importance of adults consistently demonstrating the desired behavior and intervening in the child’s uncritical acceptance of negative media messages. Using charts and examples, the book covers common areas of concern and conflict with uncommon sense, including avoiding bedtime battles, curtailing aggression in children, discussing drugs and alcohol with youth, alleviating school-related anxiety, and protecting children on the Internet.

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Editorial Reviews

"A treasure of helpful care-giving insights and strategies. Jim Harris leaves no stone unturned in providing a comprehensive resource of guidance that will benefit any adult who is raising or caring for children."
–Charles Appelstein, MSW, Author of The Gus Chronicles, No Such Thing as a Bad Kid

"In this concise publication, Dr. Harris identifies the ways in which young people develop, and why they do what they do. More importantly he provides approaches for connecting with, and understanding adolescent and youth behavior. This is a “can’t miss” strategic book for anyone who is committed to the well being of young people."
–John Seita, Ed.D., Author of Kids Who Outwit Adults and In Whose Best Interests


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