The Prevention of Sexual Violence: A Practitioner’s Sourcebook


Keith L. Kaufman, Ph.D.

This comprehensive volume brings together the expertise of leading practitioners, researchers, and policy makers to prevent sexual violence. Through a progression of 30 chapters, the Sourcebook provides practical approaches to prevention and describes the underlying frameworks that support each approach.

The Sourcebook begins by introducing cutting edge prevention approaches along with a broad sampling of nationally recognized programs to illustrate the power of well designed prevention efforts. To foster the development of innovative new prevention programs, a section of the Sourcebook is dedicated to “how to” oriented approaches. The Sourcebook concludes with an examination of the role of cultural issues in the prevention of sexual violence and offers insights for influencing local and national policy change.

Chapters cover the spectrum of topics from internet safety, influencing public policy, and addressing sex offender notification practices, to creating effective prevention programming for children and teens, organizations, adults in the community, and young adults on college campuses. This Sourcebook is an essential tool for any professional who wants to incorporate the prevention of sexual violence into their practice or enhance the quality of existing services.

The Sourcebook draws upon the expertise of national leaders including:
Ernie Allen, Natalie C. Audage, Peter L. Benson, Alan D. Berkowitz, Gerry D. Blasingame, Celia Brackenridge, Deborah Callins, Larry Cohen, Grace L. Davis, Mandy Davis, Rachel A. Davis, David L. Delmonico, Trisha H. Folds-Bennett, Lisa Aronson Fontes, John D. Foubert, Christine A. Gidycz, Corrine Meltzer Graffunder, Jennifer H. Green, Elizabeth J. Griffin, James A. H. Hafner, L. Amber Hayes, Gerald R. Hover, Linda E. Johnson, Maureen C. Kenny, Lee Anna Knox, Karen S. Lang, David S. Lee, Suzanne Nace Magnuson, Marc Mannes, Patrick McGann, James A. Mercy, Megan J. Murphy, Mike Newton-Ward, Margarita R. O’Neill-Arana, Lindsay M. Orchowski, Lisa Fujie Parks, Harold “Pat” Patrick, John C. Patterson, Lindsey B. Patterson, Carol Plummer, Peter Pollard, David Prescott, Jennifer Rauhouse, Barbara Rawn, Alyssa Rheingold, Deborah Donovan Rice, Darrin L. Rogers, Janet Saul, Peter C. Scales, Paul A. Schewe, Arturo Sesma, Jr., Amy L. Shadoin, Robert A. Shilling, Chad Keoni Sniffen, Joan Tabachnick, Jeffrey Todahl, Sara J. Valenzuela, Sandy K. Wurtele, and Julie Yagoda.

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Editorial Reviews

"This collaborative volume brings together an incredible variety of expert perspectives on the very real problem of preventing sexual violence. The broad coverage of key issues makes this an essential book to have and its practical emphasis ensures its value for many years to come."
–Maia Christopher, Executive Director of ATSA

“There is a lot of substance in this book for
professionals who are looking for new ideas to expand their prevention efforts…This book should be a touchstone for the next generation of innovation.”
–David Finkelhor, Crimes Against Children Resource Center

“This is a pioneering book, offering practical suggestions which, if implemented, will spare thousands of children from sexual abuse.”
–Victor Vieth, National Child Protection Training Center

"This new Prevention Sourcebook is a great reference book with fabulous information. I don't think it is a book I will put on my bookshelf – this is a book I will keep on my desk."
–John Patterson, Youth Protection Consulting


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