LATTICES™: An Integrated Treatment Approach for High-Risk Forensic Clients (Clinicians’ Guide)


Jane Ward, Ph.D. and Diana Groener, MA

LATTICES™ is an inventive, step-by-step program for treating high-risk clients. LATTICES™ provides a reliable treatment approach for those high-risk clients in your practice or on your caseload. It is easy to implement and actively engages hard-to-reach clients. Incorporating Risk-Need-Responsivity (RNR) principles, the LATTICES™ program gives experienced treatment providers a fresh approach to success. LATTICES™ offers an innovative and research-based treatment program for high-risk clients who have a history of sex offense, intimate partner violence, or other exploitative crimes.

Who needs LATTICES™?

  • Group facilitators
  • Individual treatment providers
  • Supervisory agents
  • Program administrators
  • Clinical supervisors


LATTICES™ provides:

  • A powerful 37-module treatment curriculum
  • Concrete approaches for facilitating a high-risk group
  • Methods for addressing safety concerns
  • Description of effective facilitator characteristics
  • Guidance for building a change-supporting treatment group culture…and more!

Also available is an easy-to-read Client Workbook to keep everyone literally “on the same page.” With LATTICES™ in hand, you have a valuable new tool to intervene with this often challenging population!

You can purchase the LATTICES™ Client Workbook and the Clinicians’ Manual together here for only $36.00.

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Jane Ward, Ph.D. and Diana Groener, MA

Editorial Reviews

"The clinicians’ guide for the LATTICES program is a welcome and long-overdue resource for the demanding work of both clinicians new to the field and seasoned clinicians. Not only is it easy to read, but it provides a consistent and structured approach to working with challenging clients who are high-risk and high-needs."

— Sandy Jung, Ph.D., R.Psych., Associate Professor, Department of Psychology, MacEwan University

"As someone who has worked in the area of treatment with high risk sexual offenders, I have always lamented that the majority of the books and manuals available have been focused on treating moderate, or even low-risk offenders. There are many aspects of working with high risk men that are unique and having a solid, well-written resource can be invaluable. LATTICES is such a resource. It clearly was developed by clinicians who know their client population and offers excellent insight and advice regarding working with this difficult population."

–Jan Looman, Ph.D., C. Psych, Forensic Behaviour Services


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