Intellectual Disability and Problems In Sexual Behaviour: Assessment, Treatment and Promotion of Healthy Sexuality


Robin J. Wilson, Ph.D., ABPP and Michele Burns, B.Sci.

Working with anyone who engages in sexually inappropriate and/or offending behavior is challenging. When the individual has an intellectual disability, the challenge not only increases, it is altered. The goal of this guidebook is to provide the essential knowledge, tools, and perspective necessary for anyone choosing to work with this population. Whether you are a family member, direct care staff, probation/parole officer or a professional creating service plans or providing ongoing support, this manual will help increase your comfort and your understanding of the unique issues of this population.

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Editorial Reviews

"This manual provides a broad, comprehensive overview of concepts and strategies from the sex offender field. The authors do a wonderful job of integrating this material in a practical way to relate to intellectually disabled persons with sexual offending problems.”
–James Haaven, MA

“Wilson and Burns have created a resource book which… is easy to read, well organized and, ultimately, very accessible. They ask, and answer, all the right questions. There is a richness of information here that will prove invaluable to any organization or individual who wishes to learn more, support better, and to increase options. The authors' goal is 'no more victims' … their book will, ultimately, help to achieve that end.”
–Dave Hingsburger
Vita Community Living Services/Mens Sana Families for Mental Health


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