For Now: Words of the Girl Who Fought Back


Anna Nettie Hanson

Anna Nettie Hanson has written a book that vividly describes the pain and trauma of rape by someone she thought was a friend. Her unique daily journal was written during the immediacy following her rape and reflects raw and powerful emotions, shared by many who have endured such attacks. We believe that this work can be helpful to survivors and as a resource for people working with adolescents who sexually abuse and want to understand the impact of their sexually abusive behavior.

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Editorial Reviews

"It is rare for a teenager to have the courage to come forward and "speak the words" after having been raped. Anna has the ability to articulate the terror and the pain for those who have not yet found their voices."
–Marilyn Van Derbur
author, Miss America By Day

"With courage and vulnerability, Anna Hanson shares her incredible journey following her rape through poems and prose that allow the reader to feel the rawness and immediacy of her experience. May every word help to promote healing from sexual abuse everywhere."
–Betsy deCastro, psychotherapist,
recipient of 2010 victim advocate award, Boulder Colorado

"What a brave new voice is here for us. Anna’s poetry moves between showing the horror of sexual assault and revealing the strength of this particular survivor. What an inspiration."
–Donna Jenson
founder, TIME TO TELL"


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