Contemporary Practice with Young People Who Sexually Abuse


Martin C. Calder

This collection of international articles offers the experienced practitioner and the beginning professional invaluable information about the most recent developments in the field and a fascinating overview of how to apply these innovations to their practice. The internationally recognized authors from England, Scotland, Ireland, Canada and the United States span several different professional disciplines, providing you with a solid evidence-based foundation from which to work.

A sampling of the topics nearly 20 chapters cover includes: a new framework for assessing a child’s risk to repeat concerning sexual behaviors (Tracey Curwen); a step-by-step approach to responding to concerning sexual behaviors in children and youth with learning disabilities (Joanne Butterworth and Tim Plan); typologies of adolescents who sexually harm and the associated risk factors, modus operandi and criminal activities (Nicole Hickey); and a CBT-based treatment approach to reducing shame and increasing responsibility with adolescents who have sexually offended (James Worling, Nina Josefowitz and Melissa Malter).

This volume offers the experienced practitioner invaluable information about the most recent developments and offers others interested in beginning this work a fascinating overview from which to start.

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Editorial Reviews

"Some edited publications are little more than a collection of related articles. In this book Calder sets out to provide stimulus to debate on the establishment of good practice in this emerging area of work… This is a substantial and potentially influential publication."
— Community Care

"Essential reading… New and informative research… This is a comprehensive volume… should be a well-thumbed addition to any library."
— Seen and Heard

"Each chapter of the book has a multiplicity of references to more in-depth articles and research but this book is itself certainly a mine of information."
— Rostrum

"This collection is made up of 20 chapters from practitioners and academics in England, Scotland, Ireland, Canada and the United States. It is not a general introduction to the subject and is most suitable for practitioners, managers and researchers who have some knowledge of work in this area. As the fifth volume of focusing on this client group that Calder has produced since 1999, the book is useful in helping the reader chart new developments in this area of work. I would recommend this book unconditionally to those who are interested in or want to know more about this field."
–Stuart Allardyce, National Youth Justice Development Team Criminal Justice Social Work Centre University of Edinburgh


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