Building Motivation for Change in Sexual Offenders


David S. Prescott, LICSW

No credible evidence exists to prove that punishing people reduces their willingness to cause harm again. In fact, research indicates that a harsh, confrontational approach does not work over the long term. So how do you motivate your tough clients? How do you create a client/therapist environment that promotes your client’s willingness to change?

David S. Prescott has assembled this leading-edge, professional resource to begin answering these questions. The book includes both theoretical and concrete approaches that focus on problems many, if not most, professionals have experienced. These include: helping clients to envision a more fulfilling life; working effectively with clients in denial; understanding the steps by which clients become ready to change; and effective practices for those who supervise clinicians working with sexual abusers.

Building Motivation for Change in Sexual Offenders opens the door on new approaches for professionals working with people who have sexually abused.

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