Awakening Motivation For Difficult Changes


David S. Prescott, LICSW and Robin J. Wilson, Ph.D., ABPP

How can clinicians and other professionals motivate adult clients who have been mandated into treatment? Most workbooks explore the techniques for treatment without providing a framework for engaging clients in the face of the fact that most clients feel ambivalent about entering treatment. Prescott and Wilson deal directly with motivation, setting the stage for the preparatory stages of change. Once a client moves into treatment, this workbook provides the concrete steps for a client to examine and address their barriers to effective treatment and ultimately, positive change.

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Editorial Reviews

"Prescott & Wilson have done an excellent job of making simple some pretty complicated issues. Their application of Motivational Interviewing strategies is really disarming and non-judgmental. The workbook is engaging, informative about the treatment process, and helps "awaken" the motivation that it takes to stick with the long journey of changing one's way of thinking and behaving. This will be a very helpful tool for clinicians whose clients are struggling with taking responsibility or are unsure they can engage in the change process.
–Gerry D. Blasingame, Psy.D.
Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist
Training, Program Development, & Consultation

"This book does an excellent job of synthesizing the literature on motivation and presents it in an easily readable fashion for the layperson as well as treatment providers."
–Liam Marshall, Author of Treating Sexual Offenders: An Integrated Approach


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