Ancient Ways: Indigenous Healing Innovations for the 21st Century


Geral Blanchard

Ancient Ways is a unique addition to the field by combining traditional indigenous wisdom with contemporary neuroscience and psychotherapeutic innovations to create a comprehensive model for psychological healing. This one-of-a-kind text emphasizes several elements that are essential to successfully resolving issues of physical, emotional, and sexual trauma. Within this framework, the author encourages the exploration of robust therapeutic growth that requires a strong spiritual component, immersion in nature, and recovery strategies that are steeped in community relationships, rituals, and ceremonies.

Drawing from sacred shamanic traditions and contemporary North American medicine, Blanchard explains how old and new healing strategies are surprisingly compatible and combine for a more powerful potentiating effect. For the therapist who desires a more reverent and meaningful counseling practice, this book offers a solid theoretical foundation for this important work.

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"There are few people brave enough to have experienced what Blanchard has, much less being willing to write about it. He has penetrated this other way of seeing and his book, Ancient Ways, will hopefully help shape the next generation of his profession."
–Rupert Ross, Crown Attorney and author of Returning to the Teachings: Exploring Aboriginal Justice


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