Ancient Ethics for Today’s Healers


Geral Blanchard

Drawing from both ancient wisdom traditions of the earliest shamanic healers and sacred principles of indigenous medicine people, Geral Blanchard offers best practice guidelines for contemporary psychotherapists to traverse the modern and ancient healing path. In Ancient Ethics for Today’s Healers, Blanchard embraces a deeply humane and passionate practice and challenges us to embed ourselves in indigenous thinking – what Native Americans refer to as the Original Instructions.

From the rainforests of the Amazon to the African savannas, Geral has encountered some of the most intriguing and enlightening tribal elders who will inform your mind and open your heart. Ancient Ethics for Today’s Healers will take you on a unique journey around the world in search of your guiding North Star.

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Editorial Reviews

"Geral Blanchard has written a marvelous book about how to bring an understanding of the world's ancient cultures into our contemporary health care practices. I was especially moved by his discussion of silence –its importance, and how to cultivate it for the therapeutic encounter. I think is is important that every professional in practice and every student of the healing professions should learn these ideas, and Ancient Ethics is an excellent way for them to explore such important concepts.”
–Lewis Mehl-Madrona, MD, PhD
Author, Healing the Mind through the Power of Story: The Promise of Narrative Psychiatry

“Ancient Ethics for Today's Healers is open, accessible, and born of the author’s fearless self-exploration. This is an important book and especially valuable to those of us trained in Euro-American clinical perspectives. I am seldom so certain about anything as I am about this book; I urge you to read it.”
–Mike Lew, author of Victims No Longer

"I love this book, Ancient Ethics. Geral Blanchard explores the crux: How can we learn from Indigenous Peoples in an ethical, respectful, equal, and mutually beneficial way? How can we carry the Indigenous ethics developed around healing practices into our own lives and professions? He speaks to his colleagues in the fields of therapy, but the ethics he describes can guide all of us who want to learn from Indigenous Peoples in a non-colonizing way and allow ourselves and our communities to be transformed through the process."
–Denise C. Breton, Executive Director,
Living Justice Press, coauthor of The Mystic Heart of Justice

"This is a gentle, inspiring examination of the many ways that western therapies might be improved by incorporating ancient approaches. Mr. Blanchard never preaches or admonishes; he instead simply opens doorways onto complementary strategies and invites people to consider adding them to their therapeutic repertoires. He writes without jargon, and opens western psychology to a wide range of "new-but-ancient" techniques developed over centuries to restore mental, emotional and even spiritual health to vulnerable people. I loved the book, his experiences and his way of writing about them. Highly recommended."
–Rupert Ross
Author of Returning to the Teachings and Indigenous Healing


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