An Introduction to Autism Spectrum Disorders, Sexual Behaviors & Therapeutic Intervention


Gerry D. Blasingame, Psy.D.

The frequency of Autism Spectrum Disorders being diagnosed has risen significantly in recent years. During this same time the numbers of children and teens identified with problematic sexual behaviors have also increased. Therapists trained in traditional treatment strategies for people with sexual behavior problems are more and more frequently called upon to work with these youth, but the assumptions and methods that work so well with other clients often fail with this population. This timely book provides essential information about the Autism Spectrum Disorders, how to adjust the assessment process to accommodate this disorder, and practical approaches to understanding unique family dynamics, and healthy and problematic sexual behaviors. This book also provides insights to working with Autism Spectrum cases when there is the co-occurrence of intellectual disabilities and/or various mental health problems.

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April 29 – May 31

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Editorial Reviews

“Gerry Blasingame has quietly been working towards building evidence-based, best practice models for assessing and treating persons with intellectual and other cognitive limitations who also sexually abuse. He shares his perspective and wisdom on how best to approach these issues for some of our most heartbreaking cases.”

— Robin J. Wilson, Clinical Director, Florida Civil Commitment Center


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