Welcome to NEARI Press’s Parent 2 Parent Project! We are glad you found us.

Parent 2 Parent is a joint effort between NEARI Press & Training Center and Raliance, a national collaborative formed to distribute funds donated by the National Football League (NFL) to end sexual violence in one generation.

The goal of  Parent 2 Parent is to prevent child sexual abuse by providing parents and other caretakers of children and youth with sexual behavior problems (SBPs) with resources and tools to ensure children’s healthy sexual development and behavior.

It is our hope that by connecting you -- parents and families -- to thorough, compassionate, and up-to-date knowledge, and to one another, we will help reduce the silence, stigma, and isolation that too often occur around children and adolescents with SBPs.

Please look around and explore the resources we offer here. We will continue to expand upon them. If you have questions or comments, or if we can support you in your search for more information, please contact Krysten.  Thank you for joining us!

Krysten Lobisch, Parent 2 Parent Project Coordinator:  klobisch@neari.com

Alisa Klein, Director, NEARI Press and Training Center: aklein@neari.com