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Featured Book - Passport to Independence: A Good Lives Model Workbook


Many treatment programs for persons with sexual behavior problems use a Good Lives framework that suggests that successful people are able to manage their lives in a variety of important domains. However, some of those domains can be a bit challenging for clients to fully appreciate and understand. Passport to Independence is not a treatment curriculum in and of itself. Rather, it is a collection of exercises that treatment providers and clients can use to make concepts such as “community” and “being good at work and play” clearer and easier to incorporate into clients' lives moving forward. Passport to Independence covers all of the components of life that clients in treatment need to consider to be successful.

At last! This guided workbook, Passport to Independence, focuses on an extremely important area. It is a welcome resource that will make treatment more accessible to many clients. The Good Lives Model has been helpful to clients and professionals alike around the world. Robin Wilson and Peel Behavioural Services has done us all a tremendous favor with this project. 

-- David S. Prescott, LICSW


During the month of February, the following select NEARI Press titles will be 30% OFF:

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  • Assessing Youth Who Have Sexually Abused: A Primer by David S. Prescott
  • Awakening Motivation for Difficult Changes by David S. Prescott and Robin Wilson
  • Beyond Manuals and Workbooks: Improving Clinical Outcomes With Adolescents Who Have Sexually Abused by David S. Prescott
  • The Brain Detective: A Practical Tool For Helping Misunderstood Children and Teens by Penny Cuninggim and Shannon Chabot
  • Growing Beyond: A Guide For Professionals Working With Teenage Girls With Sexually Abusive Behavior by Susan L. Robinson
  • Growing Beyond: A Workbook For Teenage Girls by Susan L. Robinson
  • The Impact of Pornography on Children, Youth, and Culture by Cordelia Anderson
  • Intellectual Disability and Problems in Sexual Behavior: Assessment, Treatment, and Promotion of Healthy Sexuality by Robin Wilson and Michele Burns
  • Promoting Healthy Childhood Development Today: A Guide For Parents and Caregivers by James R. Harris, Jr.
  • RESPECT: Professional Manual and Student Workbook by Tom Keating
  • The SAFE Workbook For Youth: New Choices For a Healthy Lifestyle by John McCarthy and Kathy MacDonald
  • Using Conscience As a Guide: Enhancing Sex Offender Treatment In The Moral Domain by Niki Delson
  • Using Conscience As a Guide: Student Manual by Niki Delson
  • Who Am I And Why Am I In Treatment by Longo, Bays, and Sawyer
  • Why Did I Do It Again And How Can I Stop by Longo, Bays, and Sawyer