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Updating Psychotherapeutic Practices with Ancient Indigenous Wisdom

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Presenter:  Geral BlanchardFEATURED NEARI RESOURCES:
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Date: Tues. February 7, 2017
Time: 3:00 PM - 4:00 PM EST
Host: David Prescott
Technical Advisor: Tim Griffith


Through the aboriginal practice of storytelling, with minimal lecturing, Gerry will explain the Native American concept of Óriginal Instructions” as it pertains to today’s healing practices. It is a practical application of Kierkegaard’s notion of living our life forward by understanding it backward. As we create more and more sophisticated technologies, there is a tendency to conclude there is no validity to any other culture, or period of time, in which healers believed and acted differently. Yet, ancient cultures healed each other in accord with long established best practices that flowed with the rhythms of their natural environment.

You can access the PowerPoint slides from this presentation here.

You can access the YouTube recording of the webinar here. Ancient Ways: Indigenous Healing Innovations for the 21st Century

By Geral Blanchard

Categories: Books, Adolescents and Children, Adult Sex Offenders, Survivors, Faith-Based Approaches, Prevention, Healthy Sexuality

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